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Let Our Customers

Speak for Us

Read some testimonials below from our past customers.

What People Are Saying

Mental Health 1st believes that sometimes, people suffering from depression or mental health conditions, just need to be reminded how much they are loved — that they are not alone and there are people out there who actually care for them.

At Mental Health 1st, we are proud that we have inspired so many people to overcome their struggles and 

live a happy and meaningful life. 

Read some testimonials from our past customers below.

“It’s okay not to be okay.” “Your story isn’t over yet.” “Stay, Your Life Matters.” 

All of these are the most simple phrases but they speak to the once-depressed girl of my youth who is now someone that another person who is having those thoughts will seek out. 

I love the contents of this kit.

Bracelets to show others that you care and to give them as a reminder that someone cares and the acknowledgement of the role that you can have to be a literal “lifesaver” for someone else...Empowering and humbling. 

Glad to have a tool to help me when I face this situation again.”

-Tesa, DNP, RN (Nursing Instructor | Milledgeville, GA)

“This mental health kit is a perfect combination of much-needed information and practical reminders of the need around us. 

I love the suicide warning signs pocket card- great information and easily accessible! 

I think this is a great resource for us in the healthcare field as well as for the general public.”

-Brittany, NP (Milledgeville, GA)

“Love it!!! How do we get these for our patients?”

-Sally, NP (Clinical Manager for Amerimed)

“Today was a little tough for me and receiving your kit made me feel a little better. 

I would love for others, especially those who are alone, to feel less alone and that’s what your kit did for me.”

-Amanda (Data Analyst | Dawsonville, GA)

“It’s the simple gestures that remind you, you matter. My mental health first aid kit gives me a simple reminder even when I’m feeling down or battling whatever, there is help, I’m not alone, and I can make it through my dark time.”

Pam, SRA, USAF (Panama City, FL)

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