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We have supplied items and tools in our online store  to help you prioritize your mental health. 

Check Up on Yourself and

Practice Self Care to Be Present

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. At Mental Health 1st, we carry a wide range of items that will remind you to check up on yourself and practice self-care. We sell mental health first-aid kits and suicide awareness pins. Additionally, we have provided a book that narrates stories of others who have been affected by depression or suicide. 

For your convenience, we accept payments via PayPal.

Mental Health First Aid Kit

This collection of items is chosen specifically to remind the recipient that mental health is first and must always be addressed. Your mental health and that of those you love must be on your mind. While contents may vary slightly, there will always be cards with hotline numbers and various motivational items. There will also be swag such as bracelets, key chains, or pins. Sometimes all you need is a reminder to be there. Keep the kit as your reminder or share with others. Color of zipper pouch may vary.

Product Category: Motivational item

Shipping to Country: US only at this time

Shipping Cost, with additional Items: $4.50 up to 10 kits

Suicide Awareness Pin

These custom-made suicide awareness pins are purple with overlying teal and a tiny heart at the center. They are on a tie tack pin. 

Product Category: Awareness

Shipping to Country: US only currently

Shipping Cost, with additional Items: $4.50 up to 25 pins

"About Suicide; 

Memoirs of Jane Doe" (Book)

Written by Nikki Lytle and published in 2016, this book gives the abridged version of the author's journey through suicidal ideations and those of many other women. Every story is true and in the words of the sufferer herself or a close family member/friend. Also available on Amazon- both kindle and audible. The book comes in a reusable bag with a personal pack of tissues and a piece of suicide awareness swag such as a key chain, pin or bracelet.  Personal message or signed copy upon request.

Product Category: Book

Shipping to Country: US only currently

Shipping Cost, with additional Items: additional books, $1 each to ship

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